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Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander was born on May 26, 1982 in Vallejo, California and began her career in the adult industry when she was eighteen years old, almost nineteen actually when she was working as a tripper at a gentleman's club in Sacramento, CA called City Limits. She had only been dancing there for about three months when an agent discovered her and said she was so beautiful she could easily be in magazines like Hustler and Playboy. She decided to give this guy a chance and within a week she was in LA shooting magazine layouts and has never looked back. Within a few months she would begin performing in adult films however only working with other females.

porn star monique alexander During this time Monique Alexander also did some work for HBO and Cinemax in those softcore, after dark type skin flicks. Some of those movies were Hotel Erotica, The Sex Spa, Talk Dirty, Sex House, The Erotic Traveler, Tomb of the Werewolf and Voyeur: Inside Out. And if that wasn't enough for her, in 2002 Monique Alexander decided to give real acting a try with her appearance in the mainstream movie Spider's Web, which starred Stephen Baldwin. This was a Romantic Thriller in which she played the role of a "Young Woman". Although this movie wasn't a huge success, it wouldn't be her only foray into the mainstream media.

Years later in 2007 Monique Alexander would appear in an episode of "Entourage" and "Canoga Park" and in February of 2008 she would even appear in an episode of "The O'Reilly Factor". In addition to that Monique Alexander was also on the Fox News show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld in which she discussed a research study that found abstinence-only programs for teens are not working. Instead she felt you should promote safe sex instead.

porn star monique alexander
monique alexander in cry wolf

Cry Wolf

Monique Alexander says she's been brutally violated, gagged and left for dead in a cold stone basement. Or was she? By wild luck, her ex-boyfriend hears Monique Alexander's muffled cries and rescues her. Or does he? How did he know she was down there...naked, bleeding and violated? As this darkly sexual tale unfolds we are led to wonder ... was she even hurt at all? If so, who is the culprit? The only thing we really know is that payback's a bitch. Literally.

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pornstar monique alexander
monique alexander in watching my wife

Watching My Wife

When wives stray and swingers swing, pray the two never meet ... because the results can be cataclysmic! We present for your gratification Monique Alexander and Alan. Bored in bed, but willing in body. So when another man peers at Monique Alexander's short dress in the supermarket, Alan, instead of getting angry, directs him to look further ... at his wife's neatly shaved, moist pussy. And so it starts. Where it stops, no one knows. But Monique Alexander is known to be nasty. And revenge is a dish best served ruthlessly.

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